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I spy a Skitzo.

Well done on the cartoon.

To think these pieces exist before the nuke that is LF left the fallout. I don't see any p3n0rs here. Well, not that Piconjo's around to respond anymore.

Does have that touch of gay though.

I don't see the Nevadian Champion Tricky the Clown. 3/5 zombie clown still alive. Then again... it IS 2019, not 2003.

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The definition of 'A Watched Kettle Never Boils.'

Sometimes, I take my eyes off the game to check Discord, and BOOM! Got enough to buy something else when I was leagues below affording it half a minute ago.

I've missed Day 2 and 3's present because I couldn't find the game until Day 4.

I am also curious as to what achievement hides between Day 9 and 10.

I also tend to spam the heart emoji (I think???) when at a safe distance from others. But every now and then, I get someone following me and spamming hearts with me, too. Is that a bug?

Anyway, Merry Tankmas.

P.S. Playing as Pico non-stop since Piconjo doesn't exist in the closet.

Edit: Merry Christmas & Tankmas!

EinMeister responds:

i also missed 2 days :(((

Huh. who am I playing as on Xmas Day? Hope it's not LegendaryFrog.

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You only have five years left to live, so why not polish on your break dancing skills? Don't let that migraine keep you down!

(Does anyone get the reference to a character on NG?)

Go to bed Cheshyre, you're drunk!

Cathode Raybots brought me here, not Madness.

That's some pretty good beats go you got going, but you've lost me past 1:41. No offence. As it does get a bit spacious with no music in the slight pause between the beats. Regardless, I still enjoy listening to it.

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A wonderful work in progress~ I'm so glad I got to see the work in progress in that group chat.

Poor Cyclops tho. XD

Huh, I didn't know Alucard was the Hall Monitor.

Nice job drawing the antagonists of Pico's School.

Finally, some good non-Transylvania food!

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