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Not Dead :'D

2016-11-16 05:51:33 by TedizStalker

But I'm not active here as much either. Sorry about that. I still enjoy dropping in now and then, when the invasive ads don't try to throw at me a random virus. (And no, I don't know how to Ad Block or find something better. Nor can I afford a sub due to USA and Australian payment differences.)

On top of that, I probs will go dark again once Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon come out. Who else is kinda hyped? Me, I'm so impatient, but not enough to wait for a midnight release of a physical copy.

I don't update this Journal because...

2012-07-23 09:00:26 by TedizStalker

Well, looks like I'm not that well known here. Not that it matters.

Moved on from Piconjo onto Madness Combat, moved on from that to Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac.

I'm even making lots of sketches and posting them on DeviantART. And during this month I got a Steam account and a Tumblr account. I still hope to make a small handful of friends here.

Typo on purpose, because that's what Piconjo does, right?

I've mentioned this before, but the current bandwagon (fandom, interest, topic, etc) I happen to be on is anything Piconjo-related, especially in Newgrounds Rumble. Probably in a few months time I would be on a totally different bandwagon so bare with me. (Madness comes into a close second, along with Pico's cousin, Otis.)

I've looked through the flashes Piconjo and his fans have left behind, and I must say... it IS a train wreck. No wonder why the character himself is an underdog in NGR. While I do find the Jams and Berzerk sagas mildly amusing, I must admit that there is no such thing as 'God of the portal'. (If ANYONE has the rights to have that title, it should be Tom Fulp. No offence.) I do not approve of the 'p3n0r p0wer' (and no, that doesn't make me gay. I'm a girl), pwnage is not 100% guaranteed if you're godmoddedly immortal (dumbass stickman), and author bashing is a bit over the top (sorry for bringing this up, LegendaryFrog).
Yet it is all concreted into Newgrounds like a mark. For haters, it is a cancer. For fans, it's a little something left behind because, as far as I know, Piconjo is dead. (R.I.P. By the way, I didn't have internet access until 2007.)

I'm in an artistic mood, and I plan to make maybe a few comic version redux of the flashes like 'Piconjo and Tommy VS Zombiez', including a few 'alternate endings' and funny 'behind-the-scenes' pages. And since I don't like the 'p3n0r' whatever, you could see an interesting twist to make it all work.
If I don't get around to my word, it's possibly because I have moved on, again.

So tell me; Is Piconjo one of the few underdogs with a train wreck of unblammed flashes, an epic character to play as on Newgrounds Rumble... or just a stickman who really needs a pair of pants? :'D

New to Newgrounds

2012-03-07 19:16:50 by TedizStalker

So you may have guessed that I am new to Newgrounds, no stranger to DeviantART.

I have been here since late last month, and even gave a review or five, but I am bothered about one thing; how can I post art here? I can't do flash games, movies or even music for that matter. D:

Please help me with an answer.

EDIT: Thank you, majormelthesackboy for telling me how to make my art public.
I finally figured it out, guys. :'D

By the way, is anyone of you out there familiar with Piconjo, both the Flash spam artist and the Newgrounds Rumble remnant?